Update 20 Patch Notes

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    Version: 20

    -New exchange shop for Iset, Keaghan, Regina, and Succubus Queen sets added
    -Base Gold Reward for many Season 3 raids have been greatly increased
    -Price of Merc Recovery Potions in Clodagh's Shop has been reduced
    -Expedition Bundle is now a default item given after character creation
    -Delia Equipment Package added as a default item for new Delia's
    -Test Server restriction applied to boss pets in exchange shop
    -Prices of many exchange shop items have been changed
    -Book of Tradition has been added to Balor's drop table
    -Dancing Blossom set is now for sale in Ferghus' Shop
    -Maximum number of active channels set to 5
    -Expertise EXP Rate has been increased to 5x

    Install Instructions:
    1. Extract contents of the .zip into the "ko-kr" folder and replace files when asked to.
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