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    Hello everyone, due to the demand of people asking about getting a pre-order package after launch we have decided to make a new set of packages you can now purchase after launch(You can still purchase a package if you have purchased a pre-order package)!
    Below you will find all the items contained within each package and their price
    To donate please contact Lyn#9195 on discord (We currently only accept PayPal)

    Adventurers Package ($10)
    Elion's Tear x5
    7 Day Value Pack
    8 Inventory Slots
    7 Day Merv's Pallet

    Explorers Package ($25)
    14 Days Value Pack
    14 Days Merv's Pallet
    1500 Pearls
    16 Inventory Slots
    10 Elion's Blessings
    Karlstein Horse Costume
    T3 Horse Emblem
    Batain Dog

    Legends Package ($50)
    VIP 1 Status
    30 Days Value Pack x2
    30 Days Merv's Pallet x2
    2500 Pearls
    32 Inventory Slots
    20 Elion's Blessings
    Karlstein Horse Costume
    Karlstein Weapon and Outfit Set
    T5 Horse Emblem
    Horse Flute (Permanent)
    Batain Dog
    Valencian Black Cat