List of Outfitters, Hairs, and Inners

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    This is a list of various outfits, hairs, and inner armors available in the Outfitter and Avatar Shops, excluding the ones that still need translations. Everything is free except the Keaghan, Iset, Regina, and Succubus Queen sets which you can earn by doing our missions (raids) daily and getting coins to use in the exchange shop.

    Aerial Agility Boots
    Aerial Agility Ear Cuff
    Aerial Agility Gloves
    Aerial Agility Jacket
    Aerial Agility Pants
    Aerial Grace Blouse
    Aerial Grace Crown
    Aerial Grace Gloves
    Aerial Grace Heels
    Aerial Grace Skirt
    Asuna's Elite Knights of the Blood Boots
    Asuna's Elite Knights of the Blood Gloves
    Asuna's Elite Knights of the Blood Skirt
    Asuna's Elite Knights of the Blood Top
    Aurora Princess Blouse
    Aurora Princess Gloves
    Aurora Princess Gown
    Aurora Princess Shoes
    Aurora Princess Tiara
    Banker Jacket
    Banker Shoes
    Banker Slacks
    Banker Sunglasses
    Battle Devil Boots
    Battle Devil Earrings
    Battle Devil Gloves
    Battle Devil Jacket
    Battle Devil Shorts
    Battle Goddess Bracelet
    Battle Goddess Hairpin
    Battle Goddess Sandals
    Battle Goddess Skirt
    Battle Goddess Wingcoat
    Black Dragon Arm Guards
    Black Dragon Brigandine Breastplate
    Black Dragon Brigandine Skirting
    Black Dragon Crown
    Black Dragon Shoes
    Bloody Bride Blouse
    Bloody Bride Mesh Gloves
    Bloody Bride Pumps
    Bloody Bride Skirt
    Bloody Bride Veil
    Bloody Night Bottom
    Bloody Night Gauntlets
    Bloody Night Hairpin
    Bloody Night Heels
    Bloody Night Top
    Boyish Qi Pao Bottoms
    Boyish Qi Pao Hat
    Boyish Qi Pao Outfit
    Boyish Qi Pao Shoes
    Butler Gloves
    Butler Leather Shoes
    Butler Monocle
    Butler Oxford
    Butler Suit Pants
    Casual Suit Fedora
    Casual Suit Fingerless Glove
    Casual Suit Shirt
    Casual Suit Shoes
    Casual Suit Slacks
    Chef Bandages
    Chef Boots
    Chef Hat
    Chef Pants
    Chef Shoes
    Chef Short Top
    Chef Skirt
    Chef Top
    Christmas Elf Boots
    Christmas Elf Gloves
    Christmas Elf Hood
    Christmas Elf Jacket
    Christmas Elf Skirt
    Classic Floral Yukata
    Classic Floral Yukata Bracelet
    Classic Floral Yukata Geta
    Classic Floral Yukata Hairpin
    Classic Tiger Yukata
    Classic Tiger Yukata Bracelet
    Classic Tiger Yukata Fedora
    Classic Tiger Yukata Geta
    Dancing King Eyepatch
    Dancing King Gloves
    Dancing King Lower Armor
    Dancing King Shoes
    Dancing King Upper Armor
    Dancing Queen Gloves
    Dancing Queen Headpiece
    Dancing Queen Lower Armor
    Dancing Queen Shoes
    Dancing Queen Upper Armor
    Dark Angel Boots
    Dark Angel Gloves
    Dark Angel Pants
    Dark Angel Piercings
    Dark Angel Wings
    Dark Rev Blouse
    Dark Rev Boots
    Dark Rev Gloves
    Dark Rev Hunter Bandana
    Dark Rev Hunter Gloves
    Dark Rev Hunter Greaves
    Dark Rev Hunter Jacket
    Dark Rev Hunter Pants
    Dark Rev Mesh Blouse
    Dark Rev Mesh Boots
    Dark Rev Mesh Gloves
    Dark Rev Mesh Pants
    Dark Rev Pants
    Death Knight Armet
    Death Knight Cuirass
    Death Knight Gauntlets
    Death Knight Greaves
    Death Knight Sabaton
    Death Lady Gloves
    Death Lady High Heels
    Death Lady Lower Armor
    Death Lady Tiara
    Death Lady Upper Armor
    Delia Yukata
    Delia Yukata Bracelet
    Delia Yukata Geta
    Delia Yukata Hairpin
    Deluxe Black Hand Buckle Boots
    Deluxe Black Hand Chain Gloves
    Deluxe Black Hand Coat
    Deluxe Black Hand Hat
    Deluxe Black Hand Hood
    Deluxe Black Hand Jacket
    Deluxe Black Hand Jagged Skirt
    Deluxe Black Hand One-Handed Glove
    Deluxe Black Hand Pants
    Deluxe Black Hand Spiked Boots
    Demon Hunter Blouse
    Demon Hunter Boots
    Demon Hunter Eye Mask
    Demon Hunter Gloves
    Demon Hunter Skirt
    Doctor Death Gloves
    Doctor Death Gown
    Doctor Death Shoes
    Doctor Death Skirt
    Doctor Death Wig
    Dragon Qi Pao Pants
    Dragon Qi Pao Shoes
    Dragon Qi Pao Top
    Dragon Yukata
    Dragon Yukata Bracelet
    Dragon Yukata Fedora
    Dragon Yukata Geta
    Elegant Enchantress Boots
    Elegant Enchantress Boots (CN)
    Elegant Enchantress Gloves
    Elegant Enchantress Gloves (CN)
    Elegant Enchantress Skirt
    Elegant Enchantress Skirt (CN)
    Elegant Enchantress Top
    Elegant Enchantress Top (CN)
    Elegant Enchantress Veil
    Elegant Enchantress Veil (CN)
    Elite Lady Leporine Boots
    Elite Lady Leporine Shorts
    Elite Lady Leporine Shroud
    Elite Lady Leporine Sleeves
    Elite Lady Leporine Tunic
    Elite Lord Leporine Leggings
    Elite Lord Leporine Robe
    Elite Lord Leporine Shoes
    Elite Lord Leporine Shroud
    Elite Lord Leporine Sleeves
    Field Bracelet
    Field Jacket
    Field Shoes
    Field Skirt
    Field Snapback
    Flamenco Bracelet
    Flamenco Corsage
    Flamenco Dress
    Flamenco Heels
    Flamenco Top
    Floral Yukata
    Floral Yukata Bracelet
    Floral Yukata Geta
    Floral Yukata Hairpin
    Forgemaster Gauntlets
    Forgemaster Helm
    Forgemaster Overalls
    Forgemaster Steel Boots
    Forgemaster Work Pants
    Forgemistress Gloves
    Forgemistress Helm
    Forgemistress Overalls
    Forgemistress Steel Boots
    Forgemistress Tank Top
    Forsythia Mascot Hat
    Forsythia Morning Glory Skirt
    Forsythia Rubber Boots
    Forsythia Tulip Blouse
    French Maid Blouse
    French Maid Cat Ears Headpiece
    French Maid High Heels
    French Maid Ruffle Cuff
    French Maid Skirt
    Frill Kimono Skirt
    Frilled Kimono Hair Ornament
    Frilled Kimono Shoes
    Frilled Kimono Top
    Frost Prince Boots
    Frost Prince Gauntlets
    Frost Prince Headpiece
    Frost Prince Pants
    Frost Prince Top
    Frost Princess Boots
    Frost Princess Fur Coat
    Frost Princess Hand Warmers
    Frost Princess Skirt
    Frost Princess Tiara
    Full Moon Werewolf Bottoms
    Full Moon Werewolf Gloves
    Full Moon Werewolf Mask
    Full Moon Werewolf Shoes
    Full Moon Werewolf Top
    Gangster Fedora
    Gangster Gauntlets
    Gangster Glasses
    Gangster Heels
    Gangster Jacket
    Gangster Shoes
    Gangster Skirt
    Gangster Trousers
    Gangster Vest
    Garter Plated Coat
    Garter Plated Earrings
    Garter Plated Greaves
    Garter Plated Hard Gloves
    Garter Plated Metal Gloves
    Garter Plated Metal Mask
    Garter Plated Metal Pants
    Garter Plated Pants
    Garter Plated Suit
    Garter Plated Tight Greaves
    Gothic Frill Arm Warmers
    Gothic Frill Corset
    Gothic Frill Headband
    Gothic Frill Platform Boots
    Gothic Frill Skirt
    Gruesome Groom Gloves
    Gruesome Groom Jacket
    Gruesome Groom Pants
    Gruesome Groom Shoes
    Heavenly Goddess Earrings
    Heavenly Goddess Lace Gloves
    Heavenly Goddess Sandals
    Heavenly Goddess Skirt
    Heavenly Goddess Wings
    High Elf Prince Boots
    High Elf Prince Ear Cuffs
    High Elf Prince Leather Gloves
    High Elf Prince Lower Armor
    High Elf Prince Upper Armor
    High Elf Princess Ear Cuffs
    High Elf Princess Gloves
    High Elf Princess Heels
    High Elf Princess Lower Armor
    High Elf Princess Upper Armor
    Honored Betrothed Crown
    Honored Betrothed Pants
    Honored Betrothed Ring
    Honored Betrothed Shirt
    Honored Betrothed Shoes
    Indomitable Fighter Gloves
    Indomitable Fighter Pants
    Indomitable Fighter Shirt
    Indomitable Fighter Shoes
    Iset Bracelet (Gift)
    Iset Gladiator Heels (Gift)
    Iset Gold Crown (Gift)
    Iset Skirt (Gift)
    Iset Top (Gift)
    Jolly Chun-hyang Boots
    Jolly Chun-hyang Culottes
    Jolly Chun-hyang Gloves
    Jolly Chun-hyang Hair Ornament
    Jolly Chun-hyang Korean Dress Jacket
    Keaghan Arm Guards (Gift)
    Keaghan Boots (Gift)
    Keaghan Chest Guard (Gift)
    Keaghan Greaves (Gift)
    Keaghan Helm (Gift)
    Kirito's Elite Black Swordsman Boots
    Kirito's Elite Black Swordsman Coat
    Kirito's Elite Black Swordsman Gloves
    Kirito's Elite Black Swordsman Pants
    Klein's Elite Fuurinkazan Bottom
    Klein's Elite Fuurinkazan Gloves
    Klein's Elite Fuurinkazan Shoes
    Klein's Elite Fuurinkazan Top
    Lady Ghost Nail
    Lady Ghost Shackles
    Lady Ghost Skirt
    Lady Ghost Top
    Lady Ghost Wig
    Lady of the Tomb Bracelet
    Lady of the Tomb Hat
    Lady of the Tomb Shoes
    Lady of the Tomb Skirt
    Lady of the Tomb Tunic
    Last Samurai Arm Guards
    Last Samurai Boots
    Last Samurai Breastplate
    Last Samurai Helmet
    Last Samurai Skirt
    Law Officer Boots
    Law Officer Gloves
    Law Officer Helmet
    Law Officer Shirt
    Law Officer Slacks
    Leather Ninja Arm Guard
    Leather Ninja Mask
    Leather Ninja Sandals
    Leather Ninja Skirt
    Leather Ninja Vest
    Lisbeth's Elite Blacksmith Apron
    Lisbeth's Elite Blacksmith Boots
    Lisbeth's Elite Blacksmith Skirt
    Lord of the Tomb Bracelet
    Lord of the Tomb Hat
    Lord of the Tomb Leggings
    Lord of the Tomb Shoes
    Lord of the Tomb Tunic
    Mad Psycho Boots
    Mad Psycho Bottom
    Mad Psycho Gloves
    Mad Psycho Mask
    Mad Psycho Top
    Maid Cuffs
    Maid Hairband
    Maid Shoes
    Maid Skirt
    Maid Top
    Malignant Feather Hat
    Malignant Overcoat
    Malignant Pants
    Malignant Walker
    Mandarin Lilac Bottom
    Mandarin Lilac Bracelet
    Mandarin Lilac Headdress
    Mandarin Lilac Shoes
    Mandarin Lilac Top
    Manic Jester Boots
    Manic Jester Coat
    Manic Jester Gauntlets
    Manic Jester Headband
    Manic Jester Hotpants
    Masked Giant Gauntlets
    Masked Giant Helm
    Masked Giant Pants
    Masked Giant Shoes
    Masked Giant Top
    Masquerade Cape
    Masquerade Gentleman Mask
    Masquerade Gloves
    Masquerade Half Gloves
    Masquerade High Heels
    Masquerade Lady Mask
    Masquerade Pants
    Masquerade Shoes
    Masquerade Skirt
    Masquerade Top
    Matador Gloves
    Matador Hat
    Matador Jacket
    Matador Pants
    Matador Shoes
    Metro Winter Beanie
    Metro Winter Boots
    Metro Winter Gloves
    Metro Winter Pants
    Metro Winter Puffy Coat
    Midnight Cocktail Bracelet
    Midnight Cocktail Hairband
    Midnight Cocktail Heels
    Midnight Cocktail Skirt
    Midnight Cocktail Top
    Moonshot Blouse
    Moonshot Capris
    Moonshot High Heels
    Moonshot Ring
    Moonshot Shirt
    Moonshot Sneakers
    Moonshot Sunglasses
    Mysterious Swashbuckler Boots (CN)
    Mysterious Swashbuckler Gloves (CN)
    Mysterious Swashbuckler Longcoat (CN)
    Mysterious Swashbuckler Mask (CN)
    Mysterious Swashbuckler Pants (CN)
    Mystic Blouse
    Mystic Boots
    Mystic Cap
    Mystic Gloves
    Mystic Jacket
    Mystic Pants
    Mystic Ring
    Mystic Skirt
    Necromancer Boots
    Necromancer Boots (CN)
    Necromancer Bottom
    Necromancer Bottom (CN)
    Necromancer Bracelet
    Necromancer Bracelet (CN)
    Necromancer Earrings
    Necromancer Earrings (CN)
    Necromancer Eyepatch
    Necromancer Eyepatch (CN)
    Necromancer Shoes
    Necromancer Shoes (CN)
    Necromancer Top
    Necromancer Top (CN)
    Ninja Arm Guard
    Ninja Leggings
    Ninja Mask
    Ninja Tabi
    Ninja Vest
    Noble Eastern Boots
    Noble Eastern Durumagi
    Noble Eastern Hat
    Noble Eastern Jade Ring
    Noble Eastern Pants
    Nobleman Boots
    Nobleman Coat
    Nobleman Cuffs
    Nobleman Hat
    Nobleman Pants
    Noblewoman Blouse
    Noblewoman Gloves
    Noblewoman Hat
    Noblewoman Shoes
    Noblewoman Skirt
    Nurse Boots
    Nurse Cap
    Nurse Dress
    Nurse Gloves
    Nurse Pants
    Nurse Top
    Oiran Clogs
    Oiran Kimono Skirt
    Oiran Kimono Top
    Oiran Nails
    Oiran Pipe
    Peace Officer Boots
    Peace Officer Cap
    Peace Officer Gloves
    Peace Officer Hotpants
    Peace Officer Shirt
    Priest Boots
    Priest Glasses
    Priest Gloves
    Priest Habit
    Priest Scapular
    Radiant Princess Bottom
    Radiant Princess Gauntlets
    Radiant Princess Heels
    Radiant Princess Tiara
    Radiant Princess Top
    Refined Eastern Double Ring
    Refined Eastern Hair Ornament
    Refined Eastern Shoes
    Refined Eastern Skirt
    Refined Eastern Top
    Regal Betrothed Crown
    Regal Betrothed Dress
    Regal Betrothed Gloves
    Regal Betrothed Shoes
    Regal Betrothed Top
    Regina Bracelet
    Regina Bracelet (CN)
    Regina Halter Neck
    Regina Halter Neck (CN)
    Regina High Heels
    Regina High Heels (CN)
    Regina Skirt
    Regina Skirt (CN)
    Regina Tiara
    Regina Tiara (CN)
    Ringmaster Boots
    Ringmaster Gloves
    Ringmaster Jacket
    Ringmaster Pants
    Ringmaster Top Hat
    Rocheste Agent Blouse
    Rocheste Agent Boots
    Rocheste Agent Fascinator
    Rocheste Agent Finger Claws
    Rocheste Agent Gloves
    Rocheste Agent Mask
    Rocheste Agent Overcoat
    Rocheste Agent Pants
    Rocheste Agent Shoes
    Rocheste Agent Skirt
    Rocheste Prep Jacket
    Rocheste Prep Kneesock Shoes
    Rocheste Prep Pants
    Rocheste Prep Shoes
    Rocheste Prep Skirt
    Rocheste Prep Slim Jacket
    Royal Vampire Dress
    Royal Vampire Earrings
    Royal Vampire Hat
    Royal Vampire Jacket
    Royal Vampire Pants
    Royal Vampire Ring
    Royal Vampire Sandals
    Royal Vampire Shoes
    Royal Vampire Sleeves
    Royal Vampire Top
    Samurai Bamboo Hat
    Samurai Bottoms
    Samurai Gloves
    Samurai Shoes
    Samurai Top
    Santa's Helper Boots
    Santa's Helper Gloves
    Santa's Helper Hood
    Santa's Helper Jacket
    Santa's Helper Skirt
    Secret Royal Inspector Lee Official Attire Top
    Secret Royal Inspector Lee Official Hat
    Secret Royal Inspector Lee Shoes
    Secret Royal Inspector Lee Wrist Guards
    Secret Royal Inspector Official Attire Pants
    Sheriff Boots
    Sheriff Hat
    Sheriff Jacket
    Sheriff Pants
    Shining Asuna's Elite Knights of the Blood Boots
    Shining Asuna's Elite Knights of the Blood Gloves
    Shining Asuna's Elite Knights of the Blood Skirt
    Shining Asuna's Elite Knights of the Blood Top
    Shining Iset Bracelet
    Shining Iset Gladiator Heels
    Shining Iset Gold Crown
    Shining Iset Skirt
    Shining Iset Top
    Shining Keaghan Arm Guards
    Shining Keaghan Boots
    Shining Keaghan Chest Guard
    Shining Keaghan Greaves
    Shining Keaghan Helm
    Shining Kirito's Elite Black Swordsman Boots
    Shining Kirito's Elite Black Swordsman Coat
    Shining Kirito's Elite Black Swordsman Gloves
    Shining Kirito's Elite Black Swordsman Pants
    Sister Habit
    Sister Heels
    Sister Rosary
    Sister Scapular
    Sister Veil
    Smooth Summer Jacket
    Smooth Summer Pants
    Smooth Summer Sneakers
    Smooth Summer Sunglasses
    Smooth Summer Watch
    Special Bunny Babe Bottom
    Special Bunny Babe Hair Band
    Special Bunny Babe Heels
    Special Bunny Babe Top
    Special Bunny Babe Wrist Ornament
    Special Bunny Stud Bottom
    Special Bunny Stud Dress Shoes
    Special Bunny Stud Gloves
    Special Bunny Stud Mask
    Special Bunny Stud Top
    Special Butterfly-Kissed Blouse
    Special Butterfly-Kissed Dress Shoes
    Special Butterfly-Kissed Ear Cuffs
    Special Butterfly-Kissed Ring
    Special Butterfly-Kissed Skirt
    Special Captain Keaghan Arm Guards
    Special Captain Keaghan Boots
    Special Captain Keaghan Chest Guard
    Special Captain Keaghan Greaves
    Special Captain Keaghan Helm
    Special Cat Maid Blouse
    Special Cat Maid Gloves
    Special Cat Maid Hair Band
    Special Cat Maid Shoes
    Special Cat Maid Skirt
    Special Crystal Veil Earrings
    Special Crystal Veil Halter Neck
    Special Crystal Veil High Heels
    Special Crystal Veil Slave Bracelet
    Special Crystal Veil Slit Skirt
    Special Dark Angel Boots
    Special Dark Angel Gloves
    Special Dark Angel Pants
    Special Dark Angel Piercings
    Special Dark Angel Wings
    Special Death Knight Armet
    Special Death Knight Cuirass
    Special Death Knight Gauntlets
    Special Death Knight Greaves
    Special Death Knight Sabaton
    Special Death Lady Gloves
    Special Death Lady High Heels
    Special Death Lady Lower Armor
    Special Death Lady Tiara
    Special Death Lady Upper Armor
    Special Fox Mage Bells
    Special Fox Mage Bottom
    Special Fox Mage Mask
    Special Fox Mage Shoes
    Special Fox Mage Top
    Special Fox Oracle Bells
    Special Fox Oracle Bottom
    Special Fox Oracle Ears
    Special Fox Oracle Shoes
    Special Fox Oracle Top
    Special Golden Knight Earring
    Special Golden Knight Earring (CN)
    Special Golden Knight High Heels
    Special Golden Knight High Heels (CN)
    Special Golden Knight Skirt
    Special Golden Knight Skirt (CN)
    Special Golden Knight Sleeves
    Special Golden Knight Sleeves (CN)
    Special Golden Knight Upper Armor
    Special Golden Knight Upper Armor (CN)
    Special Goth Rock Star Boots
    Special Goth Rock Star Gloves
    Special Goth Rock Star Headpiece
    Special Goth Rock Star Lower Armor
    Special Goth Rock Star Upper Armor
    Special Happy Otaku Gloves
    Special Happy Otaku Hanten
    Special Happy Otaku Headband
    Special Happy Otaku Jeans
    Special Happy Otaku Shoes
    Special Heavenly Goddess Earrings
    Special Heavenly Goddess Lace Gloves
    Special Heavenly Goddess Sandals
    Special Heavenly Goddess Skirt
    Special Heavenly Goddess Wings
    Special KOF Iori Choker
    Special KOF Iori Cuffs
    Special KOF Iori Jacket
    Special KOF Iori Pants
    Special KOF Iori Shoes
    Special KOF Kyo Gloves
    Special KOF Kyo Headband
    Special KOF Kyo Jacket
    Special KOF Kyo Pants
    Special KOF Kyo Shoes
    Special KOF Mai Gloves
    Special KOF Mai Hair
    Special KOF Mai Lower Armor
    Special KOF Mai Shoes
    Special KOF Mai Upper Armor
    Special KOF Yuri Gloves
    Special KOF Yuri Headband
    Special KOF Yuri Lower Armor
    Special KOF Yuri Shoes
    Special KOF Yuri Upper Armor
    Special Lich Magic Cuirass
    Special Lich Magic Gauntlets
    Special Lich Magic Helm
    Special Lich Magic Klit
    Special Moonshot Blouse
    Special Moonshot Capris
    Special Moonshot High Heels
    Special Moonshot Ring
    Special Moonshot Shirt
    Special Moonshot Sneakers
    Special Moonshot Sunglasses
    Special Punk Rock Star Gloves
    Special Punk Rock Star Headpiece
    Special Punk Rock Star Lower Armor
    Special Punk Rock Star Shoes
    Special Punk Rock Star Upper Armor
    Special Radiant Princess Gauntlet
    Special Radiant Princess Heels
    Special Radiant Princess Skirt
    Special Radiant Princess Tiara
    Special Radiant Princess Top
    Special Rose Justiciar Boots
    Special Rose Justiciar Lower Armor
    Special Rose Justiciar Monocle
    Special Rose Justiciar Sleeves
    Special Rose Justiciar Upper Armor
    Special Trivene Witch Blouse
    Special Trivene Witch Hood
    Special Trivene Witch Mini Claw
    Special Trivene Witch Skirt
    Special Trivene Witch Winkle Heels
    Special Tuxedo Gloves
    Special Tuxedo Jacket
    Special Tuxedo Pants
    Special Tuxedo Shoes
    Special Wedding Dress Blouse
    Special Wedding Dress Gloves
    Special Wedding Dress Shoes
    Special Wedding Dress Skirt
    Special Wedding Dress Veil
    Special Zecallion Boots
    Special Zecallion Boots (CN)
    Special Zecallion EX Boots
    Special Zecallion EX Ear Cuffs
    Special Zecallion EX Gauntlets
    Special Zecallion EX Greaves
    Special Zecallion EX Plate
    Special Zecallion Ear Cuffs
    Special Zecallion Ear Cuffs (CN)
    Special Zecallion Gauntlets
    Special Zecallion Gauntlets (CN)
    Special Zecallion Greaves
    Special Zecallion Greaves (CN)
    Special Zecallion Plate
    Special Zecallion Plate (CN)
    Special Zecallion Roar Boots
    Special Zecallion Roar Gauntlets
    Special Zecallion Roar Greaves
    Special Zecallion Roar Helmet
    Special Zecallion Roar Plate
    Spring Hatchling Driving Cap
    Spring Hatchling Flouncy Blouse
    Spring Hatchling Happy Hat
    Spring Hatchling Highwater Boots
    Spring Hatchling Highwater Pants
    Spring Hatchling Rain Boots
    Spring Hatchling Ride-On Kiddie Car
    Spring Hatchling Tartan Skirt
    St. Patrick's Day Gentleman Boots
    St. Patrick's Day Gentleman Cap
    St. Patrick's Day Gentleman Jacket
    St. Patrick's Day Gentleman Pants
    St. Patrick's Day Lady Boots
    St. Patrick's Day Lady Cap
    St. Patrick's Day Lady Jacket
    St. Patrick's Day Lady Pants
    St. Patrick's Day Large Boots
    St. Patrick's Day Large Cap
    St. Patrick's Day Large Jacket
    St. Patrick's Day Large Pants
    Stadium Jacket
    Stadium Pants
    Stadium Ring
    Stadium Shoes
    Stadium Snapback
    Steam Hero Gloves
    Steam Hero Goggle Hat
    Steam Hero Greaves
    Steam Hero Jacket
    Steam Hero Slacks
    Steam Heroine Blouse
    Steam Heroine Boots
    Steam Heroine Bracer
    Steam Heroine Goggles
    Steam Heroine Steel Skirt
    Stormy Race Car
    Stormy Racer Cap
    Stormy Racing Pants
    Stormy Rollerblades
    Succubus Queen Bottom (CN)
    Succubus Queen Bottom (Gift)
    Succubus Queen EX Bottom
    Succubus Queen EX Gloves
    Succubus Queen EX Head Ornament
    Succubus Queen EX High Heel Boots
    Succubus Queen EX Top
    Succubus Queen Gloves (CN)
    Succubus Queen Gloves (Gift)
    Succubus Queen Head Ornament (CN)
    Succubus Queen Head Ornament (Gift)
    Succubus Queen High Heel Boots (CN)
    Succubus Queen High Heel Boots (Gift)
    Succubus Queen Top (CN)
    Succubus Queen Top (Gift)
    Summer Sunflower Bracelet
    Summer Sunflower Sandals
    Summer Sunflower Skirt
    Summer Sunflower Straw Hat
    Summer Sunflower Top
    Swashbuckler Boots
    Swashbuckler Gloves
    Swashbuckler Longcoat
    Swashbuckler Mask
    Swashbuckler Pants
    Technomancer Boots
    Technomancer Coat
    Technomancer Gloves
    Technomancer Helmet
    Technomancer Pants
    Therapist Boots
    Therapist Cap
    Therapist Jacket
    Therapist Skirt
    Tin-Can Robot Boots
    Tin-Can Robot Gauntlets
    Tin-Can Robot Greaves
    Tin-Can Robot Helm
    Tin-Can Robot Mail
    Urban Angel Band
    Urban Angel Boots
    Urban Angel Hood
    Urban Angel Hotpants
    Urban Angel Top
    Urban Punk Band
    Urban Punk Boots
    Urban Punk Hood
    Urban Punk Pants
    Urban Punk Top
    Urban Winter Beanie
    Urban Winter Boots
    Urban Winter Bracelet
    Urban Winter Dress
    Urban Winter Puffy Coat
    V.R.M.C. Bandana
    V.R.M.C. Boots
    V.R.M.C. Colors
    V.R.M.C. Gloves
    V.R.M.C. Pants
    Vampire Bride Boots
    Vampire Bride Cap
    Vampire Bride Gauntlet
    Vampire Bride Jacket
    Vampire Bride Pants
    Vampire Slayer Boots
    Vampire Slayer Cap
    Vampire Slayer Gauntlet
    Vampire Slayer Jacket
    Vampire Slayer Pants
    Void Reaper Cloak
    Void Reaper Gloves
    Void Reaper Hood
    Void Reaper Pants
    Warring States Generals Arm Guards
    Warring States Generals Boots
    Warring States Generals Breastplate
    Warring States Generals Headdress
    Warring States Generals Skirt
    Wedding Dress Blouse
    Wedding Dress Gloves
    Wedding Dress Head Decoration
    Wedding Dress Heels
    Wedding Dress Skirt
    Wild Butler Earring
    Wild Butler Gloves
    Wild Butler Jacket
    Wild Butler Pants
    Wild Butler Shoes
    Wild Card Prince Earrings
    Wild Card Prince Glove and Bracelet
    Wild Card Prince Shoes
    Wild Card Prince Tights
    Wild Card Prince Vest
    Wild Card Princess Bustier
    Wild Card Princess Glove and Bracelet
    Wild Card Princess Headpiece
    Wild Card Princess Shoes
    Wild Card Princess Skirt
    Wild Rock Boots
    Wild Rock Eye Patch
    Wild Rock Gloves
    Wild Rock Jacket
    Wild Rock Pants
    Wild Santa Boots
    Wild Santa Gloves
    Wild Santa Hood
    Wild Santa Jacket
    Wild Santa Pants
    Wolfshead Boots
    Wolfshead Fur Hat
    Wolfshead Jacket
    Wolfshead Pants
    Yakuza Clogs
    Yakuza Kimono Pants
    Yakuza Kimono Top
    Yakuza Pipe
    Yakuza Wrist Wrap
    Adonis Cut
    Anchor Cut
    Asymmetrical Bob
    Authentic Dreadlocks
    Barette Hair
    Basic Bob
    Belly Dancer Ponytail
    Blind Sweep Cut
    Bouncy Twin
    Bowl Cut
    Bowl Cut (Basic)
    Breathtaking Hair
    Breezy Cut
    Breezy Fringed Crop
    Britpop Hair
    Buzz Cut
    Buzz Design Cut
    Buzzed Cut
    Cat Fight Cut
    Cat Fight Cut (Default)
    Cherry Braid Tassel
    Chic Semi-long
    City Girl
    City Girl (Default)
    City Short Cut
    Clipper Cut
    Cloud Fairy Hair
    Color Chalk Hair
    Comma Hair
    Cornrow Blade Cut
    Crew Cut
    Curly Feathered Cut
    Curly Jesus Cut
    Cutie Pie Bun
    Dainty Bob
    Dainty Bob (Basic)
    Dancing Blossom
    Dandy Mohawk Cut
    Dolly Hair
    Dragon Rise
    Dread Knot
    Eastern Cut
    Edgy Bob
    Edgy Shagged Bob
    Elegant Look
    Elegant Up Cut
    Euro Style
    Explosion Hair
    Extremely Short
    Faux Hawk
    Faux Hawk Cut
    Feather Trimmed Ponytail
    Flowing Hair
    Flowing Side Ponytail
    Free Wave Cut
    French Braid
    French Braid Hair
    Front Braid
    Full Ponytail Look
    Giant Mohawk
    Girly Caesar
    Girly Caesar Cut
    Girly Pigtails
    Gloomy Cut
    Gloomy Cut
    Graceful Bob
    Gushing Cut
    Half Tail Cut
    Half-Shaven Rocker Cut
    Half-Tied Bob Cut
    Half-layered Bob Cut
    Half-shaven Rocker Cut
    Heroic Combover
    High Pigtails
    High Tail
    High Tail
    High Twin Tails
    Hunting Hawk Hair
    Innocent Cut
    Jesus Cut
    Jungle Hair
    Khan Straight Cut
    Layered Bob
    Layered Bob (Default)
    Layered Wolf Cut
    Light Up Cut
    Lofty Braids
    Lone Wolf Cut
    Long Bangs
    Long Curl
    Long Dandy Cut
    Long Edgy Cut
    Long Fringed Cut
    Long Natural Waves
    Long Spritely Ponytail
    Long Straight Bangs
    Long Straight Cut
    Long Wolf Cut
    Loose Body Wave
    Loose Ponytail
    Loose Ponytail Look
    Lovely Twin Hair
    Luscious Bob
    Master's Sincerity
    Mermaid Hair
    Messy Bun
    Messy Long Hair
    Metro Bob
    Metro Short
    Metro Short (Default)
    Metro Short Cut
    Metro Short Cut (Default)
    Mild-but-Wild Cut
    Mini Buns
    Mini Buns (Basic)
    Modern Boy Cut
    Mohawk Cut
    Moussed Shaggy Cut
    Moussed Shaggy Cut (Default)
    Moving Short Hair
    Mushroom Cut
    Natural Bangs
    Natural Cut
    Natural Cut (Default)
    Natural Hair
    Natural Shaggy Cut
    Night Rose Hair
    Night Rose Hairstyle
    Oracle Hair
    Parted Middle Cut
    Pointy Twin Tails
    Ponytail Look
    Posh Cut
    Princess Hair
    Pulled-Up Look
    Pure Braid Tassel
    Pureheart Hair
    Rad Cut
    Rad Cut (Default)
    Rag Ringlets Hair
    Raggy Ringlets
    Ranger Cut
    Regent Hair
    Relaxed Bun
    Ribbon Ponytail
    Ribbon Ponytail
    Romantic Hair
    Romantic Hair (Basic)
    Rose Hair
    Royal Buns
    Royal Pompadour
    Royal Waves
    Rugged Cut
    Sakura Blossom Hair
    Scene Cut
    School Girl Cut
    Schoolgirl Cut
    Scratch Fade Cut
    Semi Mohawk Cut
    Semi Mohawk Cut (Default)
    Serpent Shock
    Shaggy Bob
    Shaggy Short Cut
    Sharp Cut
    Sharp Cut (Basic)
    Shaved Cut
    Short Caesar Cut
    Short Curls
    Short Cut
    Short Layered Hair
    Short Layered Hair (Default)
    Short Pigtails
    Short Pigtails (Basic)
    Short Ponytail
    Short Ponytail (Basic)
    Short Ponytail Bob
    Short Ponytailed Bob
    Short Shaggy Cut
    Side Braid Ponytail
    Side Long Hair
    Side Ponytail
    Side-Swept Sadness
    Side-Tailed Straight Cut
    Sideburn Cut
    Silky Cut
    Silver Fox Hairstyle
    Single Side Long
    Single Side Tail
    Sleek Wolfman Cut
    Slick Waves
    Slick Waves Cut
    Slicked Back Cut
    Soul of Warrior Hair
    Splashy Bob
    Spritely Ponytail
    Straight Bob Haircut
    Straight Cut
    Straight Fringe Bob
    Straight Fringed Bob
    Straight Side-Tail
    Straight Twin Hair
    Straight and Long
    Sweet Candy Hair
    Sweet Pigtails
    Tentacle Cut
    Topiary Cut
    Tough Dreadlocks
    Tousled Waves Cut
    Traveler Cut
    Tsunami Cut
    Twin Braids
    Twin Natural
    Twin Ponytails
    Twin Ponytails (Basic)
    Two Block Mohawk
    Two-block Straight
    Two-tone Shaggy Hair
    Uprising Hair
    Urban Afro
    Urban Cut
    Urban Fro
    Voluminous Fluff Cut
    Warrior Cut
    Warrior Hair
    Wavy Celtic Twist Hair
    Wavy Curls
    Wavy Cut
    Wavy Ponytail
    Wavy Short Cut
    Wild Straight Hair
    Wild-Child Cut
    Wilderness Girl
    Windswept Tress
    Windy Cut (Basic)
    Wolf Mullet
    American Flag Inner Armor
    Armageddon Inner Armor
    Armored Cat Inner Armor
    Bad Boy Inner Armor
    Bad Girl Inner Armor
    Bandage Inner Armor
    Basic Inner Armor
    Beach Party Inner Armor
    Beast Within Inner Armor
    Beast Within Inner Armor (Evie)
    Beastly Inner Armor
    Belly Dancer Inner Armor
    Black Cupid Inner Armor
    Black Cupid Inner Armor (Kai, US)
    Blood Rose Inner Armor
    Board Shorts Inner Armor
    Body Suit Inner Armor
    Bolero Inner Armor
    Bone Inner Armor
    Buffalo Plaid Inner Armor
    Butterfly Garden Inner Armor
    Butterfly Garden Inner Armor (B)
    Butterfly Inner Armor
    Captivating Scent Inner Armor
    Chain Mail Inner Armor
    Christmas Inner Armor
    Classy Inner Armor
    Crane Inner Armor
    Crystal Inner Armor
    Cute Frill Inner Armor
    Cute Skull Inner Armor
    Cutoffs Inner Armor
    Dark Moon Inner Armor
    Desert Princess Inner Armor
    Devil Rune Inner Armor
    Dotted Christmas Inner Armor
    Double Layer Inner Armor
    Double String Inner Armor
    Dragon Rise Inner Armor
    Dragon Skin Inner Armor
    Drawers Inner Armor
    Drawers Inner Armor (North American)
    Drunkard Inner Armor
    Dukes Inner Armor
    Eastern Allure Inner Armor
    Elegant Beauty Inner Armor
    Fantasy Inner Armor
    Fashion Icon Inner Armor
    Fashion Leader Inner Armor
    Feral Inner Armor
    Fighter Inner Armor
    Fugitive Inner Armor
    Fundoshi Inner Armor
    Gallagher-print Inner Armor
    Gentleman's Package
    Gothic Grace
    Gothic Grace (B)
    Gothic Grace Inner Armor
    Gothic Grace Inner Armor (B)
    Gremlin Print Inner Armor
    Half-checkered Advanced Inner Armor
    Half-checkered Inner Armor
    Half-covered Inner Armor
    Hawaiian Inner Armor
    Heartfire Inner Armor
    Heavenly Bikini Inner Armor
    Heroine Inner Armor
    High Cut Inner Armor
    High Cut Legs Inner Armor
    High-class Inner Armor
    Honey Bee Inner Armor
    Hypnotic Inner Armor
    Inner Armor
    Intense Training Inner Armor
    Iron Defense Inner Armor
    Ivory Apex Inner Armor
    Jungle Heat Inner Armor
    KOF 마이 전용 이너아머(기본)
    Kabuki Inner Armor
    Kickboxer Inner Armor
    Knights of the Blood Stockings
    Lace Inner Armor
    Lotus Inner Armor
    Lovely Frill Inner Armor
    Lovely Frills Inner Armor
    Masquerade Inner Armor
    Mesh Slit Inner Armor
    Metallic Inner Armor
    Metallic Inner Armor (Ltd)
    Military Inner Armor
    Minimalistic Inner Armor
    Natural Descendant Inner Armor
    Natural Drawers Inner Armor
    Natural Inner Armor
    Nurse Inner Armor
    Ocean Goddess Inner Armor
    Oiran Inner Armor
    Passionate Patriot Inner Armor
    Patterned Silk Inner Armor
    Plain Strapless Inner Armor
    Power Suit Inner Armor
    Priest Inner Armor
    Primal Inner Armor
    Rash Guard Inner Armor
    Rock Star Inner Armor
    Romantic Boxer Inner Armor
    Rose-Tanned Leather Inner Armor
    Rose-tanned Inner Armor
    Roseheart Inner Armor
    Ruffled Teddy Inner Armor
    Sapphire Inner Armor
    Sassy Corset Inner Armor
    Seafarer Inner Armor
    Seductive Inner Armor
    Sensual Black Cupid Inner Armor
    Sensual Roseheart Inner Armor
    Serpent Shock Inner Armor
    Sexy Corset Inner Armor
    Shining Inner Armor
    Shining Inner Armor (Limited)
    Shining Inner Armor (Ltd)
    Shiny Active Inner Armor
    Silver Fox Inner Armor
    Simple Inner Armor
    Sister Inner Armor
    Skewed Stripe Inner Armor
    Skull Inner Armor
    Skull Inner Armor (Ltd)
    Skull Rose Inner Armor
    Slashed Stocking Inner Armor
    Snakeskin Inner Armor
    Snow Flower Inner Armor
    Soul Rose Inner Armor
    Spiderweb Inner Armor
    Splendid Fantasy Inner Armor
    Sporty Inner Armor
    Starry Inner Armor
    Strapless Inner Armor
    Strapless Lace Inner Armor
    Strapless Lace Inner Armor (Type A)
    Strapless Lace Inner Armor (Type B)
    Strapped Inner Armor
    Strawberry Inner Armor
    String Bikini Inner Armor
    Striped Monokini Inner Armor
    Striped Princess Inner Armor
    Striped Stockings Inner Armor
    Strong Man Inner Armor
    Stylish Inner Armor
    Superior Christmas Inner Armor
    Superior Roseheart Inner Armor
    Suspenders Inner Armor
    Sweet Bustier Inner Armor
    Sweetheart Inner Armor
    Sweetie Frill Inner Armor
    Swimsuit Inner Armor
    Swimsuit Inner Armor (Ltd)
    Talisman Inner Armor
    Tanned Two-piece Inner Armor
    Thigh High Stockings Inner Armor
    Thin Snakeskin Inner Armor
    Tiger Print Inner Armor
    Torn Stocking Inner Armor
    Tough Guy Inner Armor
    Traditional Patterned Silk Inner Armor
    Transcendence Inner Armor
    Tube Top Inner Armor
    Urban Cutoffs Inner Armor
    Wild Beast Inner Armor
    Wild Child Inner Armor
    Wild Hunter Inner Armor
    Wildman Inner Armor
    Winter Wonder Inner Armor
    Winter Wonder Inner Armor (Ltd)
    Within Inner Armor
    X-Play Arisha Inner Armor
    X-Play Iron Defense Inner Armor
    X-Play Mesh Slit Inner Armor
    X-Play Metallic Inner Armor
    X-Play Military Inner Armor
    X-Play Sylas Inner Armor
  2. VenomValeth

    VenomValeth New Member

    Mar 6, 2018
    Likes Received:
    First of All, Thanks for doing this server... (english isn't my native language so sorry)

    Then, if isn't too much to ask for The Sample armor that you can wear during character creation to be implemented in the Shop, i didn't see it in the avatar shop, Since i'm the type of guy who likes to see a woman fighting in armor instead of exotic underwear (?

    Thanks Again.
  3. Delteros

    Delteros Developer Staff Member

    Jan 10, 2018
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    Most of those have to be crafted. I think it is possible we can just add more of them to Ferghus' shop if more people would rather have it that way.
  4. VenomValeth

    VenomValeth New Member

    Mar 6, 2018
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    didn't know that, if is something that needs to be crafted i don't see the problem then... i just think that was something that was behind a paywall in the original game... thanks for the reply.