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    Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions within our community!
    Q: How will we get pearls on ADO?
    A: Getting pearls on ADO is slightly different to every other server, here at ADO we want to reward you for the time you invest here, so we thought, why not add this motto to our pearl system as well! There is 3 methods on how you can get pearls, the first is via House Fame Fund, as most players should know everyday you would normally receive a sum of silver in your mail, but at ADO we have gone the extra step, and added a additional House Fame Fund called Pearl Activity Reward, Just like your house fame fund, the amount of pearls you get per day will increase with your house fame fund, you will start with 100 pearls per day and increase the higher you get your House Fame Fund! Secondly, you can collect items called [Lyn's Ticket Fragments] from killing monsters in the world, collecting 4 of these and placing them in a - shape will grant you a [Box of 50 Pearls]. Finally you are also able to donate for pearls with a exchange rate of $1 to 100 Pearls!

    Q: What will the price of pearl shop items be?
    A: We've thought long and hard about pearl prices, and we have came to a conclusion of a huge price reduction from official prices, here are some examples of prices, A outfit set will cost you 1000 Pearls, A Weapon and Outfit set will cost 1250 Pearls and Premium costumes will cost 1500 Pearls, Pets will cost between 500-700 Pearls depending on pet type, and finally skill resets are completely free and will cost you 0 Pearls from the shop!

    Q: What regions will be available at launch?
    A: (Edited) At launch we will now have all regions available as per feed back but mobs in areas further than the base game will have extremely powerful monsters and will require excellent team work and capped gear to be able to kill them!

    Q: How will leveling work in ADO?
    A: Leveling in ADO is slightly different to every other BDO server, we will be introducing level caps, week 1 of the game you will be restricted to level 50.00, and the level cap will increase 1 level per week up until 55, when the week after we release the DK Update and level cap increase to 57

    Q: How will gearing work in ADO?
    A: This here is my favorite question we have received, so until Valencia release all gear will be capped to +15, and when Valencia releases the gear cap will be increased to +16, and then slowly increased all the way up to +20. Another nice change we have made is having Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards before the Valencia patch (These items will be available at launch and have a very high drop rate)!

    Q: What is the mob difficulty like in ADO?
    A: The mobs in ADO are a lot harder than your regular mobs, this is to encourage group play and make people experience the game differently to how they have before hand!

    This post will be updated with anymore questions that are asked if I feel they fit into the FAQ category!
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