CBT Patch Notes 26/1/18

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    Jan 18, 2018
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    Level Cap has been raised 52->53
    PvP Damage has once again been adjusted and should feel much more clean

    Base accuracy has increased by 15%
    Animation Cancels should now flow more cleanly

    Base Accuracy has increased by 10%
    Base movement speed has increase by 2%
    Base ranged attack speed has increased by 4% on all bow skills
    Stamina use on WOTW Cancel has been reduced by 5%

    Base accuracy has increased by 5%
    Base movement speed has increased by 3%
    You will now regen 5% extra WP when regening with LMB

    Monster difficulty at night has increased by 91%
    Over all monster damage has increased by 110%
    AI For mobs in saunil camp, Marnis lab and Glutoni cave has been updated

    Night time EXP Buff has changed from 50% to 100%
    Max Karma has increased to 600,000​
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