CBT Patch Notes 19/1/18

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    [Patch Notes, 19/1/18]
    Character: Level cap has been raised 51->52
    Damage the player receives from monsters has been slightly increased for the Calpheon area
    General character animations should be smoother now
    PvP Damage has been adjusted and should be more consistent

    The damage output from Calpheon area mobs have been increased slightly
    AI Has been slightly tweaked and monsters should be pathing more smoothly in certain situations where they would get confused
    Experimental Trading patch has been introduced, you "should" now be able to buy and sell trade items from trading NPCs
    Hard and Sharp Black Crystals can now be grinded for 1-3x Black stones when you reach skilled 1 processing
    PvP Level has been changed 50->30​

    Extra: A second channel "should" be added later on today [Balenos]​